how long to boil chicken cutlets to what temperature?

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Answered: What's the boiling temperature of milk?

In general milk is comprised of a high percentage of water. That is why the boiling point is close to that of water. there are several factors that cause it to be a bit higher though. The fact that it contains fat and other solubles changes its boiling temperature and also makes different types of ...

Answered: If boils are frequently caused by staph bacteria ...

Most doctors don't know how to treat boils correctly, most people go to physicians for treatment when they don't need it and many of those people live to endure the problems of antibiotic resistant disease, like MRSA. If you're experiencing a great deal of problems with boils, then you're likely ...

Answered: Boils

Boils takes long time to drain out. I never heard that boils burst inside. But yes it sometimes appear on the same place. Boils can return due to the infections, bacteria and other hygine related problems and if these problems comes again and again then you should consult the doctor. And if it is ...

Answered: At what point should you stop trying home remedies and visit a doctor

A boil ready to be treated will force you to see a doctor. The skin is tight, red, hot to the touch and very painful and you may or may not have swollen lymph nodes near the infected area. A ripe boil is usually lanced and a core of hardened pus expressed through the incision; the core must be ...

Answered: Can you keep chickens in unincorporated crystal lake IL?

You can, if you live in an area zoned for agriculture. A call to your County Commissioners will give you the answer.

Answered: What makes your mac computer take so long to come on

There are many reasons it could take a while for your Mac to turn on, but without knowing what you have on your computer I couldn't really pinpoint the issue. My advice to you would be to contact a Mac expert at an Apple authorized shop. You could probably call or go on to their website to see if ...
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How do you remove chicken from bones ..after boiling

Let the chicken cool slightly and then simply use your hands to pull the meat from the bones. If you want to debone the chicken so as to have an entire piece of meat (a boneless breast, for instance) then that must be done before you cook it.

How to make breeds of old english chickens

Please rewrite your question so that it makes sense.

How long dos a chicken sit on hur eggs befor they hatch

A hen will usually sit on her eggs for 21 days. This can vary by a day or two. The hen will continue to guard the chick and keep it warm for 30 to 60 days even when venturing out in the yard.