how long should fans for radon run?

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If I could ever figure out what I thot about you, I might move on to trying to form an opinion about these women. At present, I don't see that one's sex should have any bearing upon enjoyment of any particular sporting event.

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Imagine what a grapefruit could do!

Answered: Can you safely run a window air conditioner unit when its raining?

Yes,it is still safe to turn on air conditioning units , a long as it is safe from water e system itself.accumulation that would then affect parts and the system itself.
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Why wont the fan on the compressor turn off after i have turned off the

There might be an electrical problem with the fan. I'd contact a technician in your area to come take a look at the problem.

How long can you leave a portable floor fan running without burning out

I have found, not for to long because dust will build up around the motors spindle over time as well as on the fan blades. You need to take it apart, clean it well and lub with motor oil or WD40 to restore it to like new condition.

Light bulbs in a ceiling fan keep blowing out & some break

My first guess is that the fan is badly out of balance.

Radon detection If you remove an oil tank from a basement, what are the

Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless radioactive gas that is released when uranium in rocks, soil and water decays. You can not know about the presence of radon without doing radon inspection.