how long is stain good for?

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Answered: Is Bher solid stain good

Yes. I was a painter for 40 yrs and I bought it. Not all major brands are good anymore because companys buy them and then strip them of quality by getting cheaper materials for more profit. Like Dutch Boy paints. But Bher is still a good one.

Answered: Liquid silicone stain on concrete

I think you are going to need to polish the driveway and scrape the stain of.

Answered: Rust stain on carpet

Try to remove it with vinegar.

Answered: Stains in your carpet?

Try these tips:

Answered: Stain Removal

Should just wash out with regular soap and water. If not, use a protein based agent on the stain to remove it. If spray and wash won't work that is. Or apply a laundry detergent directly to the stain (liquid soap or powder) make a paste and apply to stain and then rub with an old soft bristled tooth ...

Answered: How do you get rid of a old blood stain

Hydrogen peroxide works. Dilute one part hydrogen peroxide in one part water. Treat the blood stained areas. Immediately after applying this solution, sprinkle table salt on top of it. The salt will absorb the blood.You can also do this for your blood-stained clothes. Source: http://www ...
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remove stain off cabinets

to remove stain from cabinet you should brush cabinets regularly, make it neat and clean. source:

Doea anyone know what gets wood stain out o f ...

You're going to have a hard time with this one. Wood stain is a combination stain of oil stain and dye stain. The dye may be lightened or removed using a dye sripper. Carbona makes a sodium hydrosulfite product that may be found at the supermarket. It is called 'Color Run Remover'. It may work ...

My daughter just got a grease stain on her very favorite t-shirt. What

Just for the record this may help: You can use lemon to remove grease stain. This is very effective. I've learned this from my Asia travel.

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