how long is ofbamas state of the union address tonight?

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Answered: Obama's State of the Union Address

Bitter Obama has always been wrong. SOTU proved why that still is. Nothing made sense, leftist singsong. And Obamacare failed -- hopeless as-is.

Answered: Who is doing bunker duty tonight during the state of the union

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx was the designated survivor.

Answered: What Wisconsin time is the State of the Union Address?

That's Central Standard Time. The actual speech is scheduled to start at 7:55 P.M. and run until 10 P.M. on Television. The opening starts at 7:30 P.M. CST on the channel I watch.

Answered: Rocmike's anti-American hate

What a pity that Obatty flubbed his State of the Union speech so badly. Was he STILL drunk -- slurring his words and making racist remarks in the name of Jeremiah Wright? Oh well, leftists exist on racist hate so that explains why they only burn crosses and scream "God Damn America" like all ...
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