how long is a masctomy surgery on both breast?

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Answered: Effects of breast reduction surgery to female reproductive system

Initial healing takes about 6 weeks so during this time you have to avoid squishing or getting smacked in the chest or else you could risk internal bleeding. For the first six weeks I was pretty much exhausted after general visiting or exerting myself. You also have to deal with oozing wounds ...

Answered: What are the risks of breast implants?? and how do ...

I would suggest to go for a natural approach because implants are dangerous and can lead to infections. May be Triactol can help

Answered: What are the pros and cons of breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the only procedure that can increase the size of the breasts to the size that the patient desires. Scars can be conspiculously placed around the nipple or in the armpit. However, patients that undergo breast augmentation must know that they will eventually need to remove or ...

Answered: Breast augmentation, mastectomy, radical mastectomy,

Breast augmentation is one of two options for patients considering breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. breast reconstruction with implants does not always yield as realistic-looking results as tissue-based reconstruction methods, the procedure is less risky and requires less surgery. implant ...

Answered: What are the different types of breast cancer surgery and what does each

You should talk with your doctor about each of these operations. That way you can pick the best one for you. Your doctor may recommend a specific operation based on the size, location, or type of breast cancer you have. Each surgery has different side effects, and it is important that you go over ...

Answered: Psychological effects of breast surgery

Most women wish to have a perfect cleavage or shape of their breast. The reasons might be because it adds up confidence and sense of being sexy, literally. After surgery, there are psychological effects that a woman might have to deal with. The good news of having a breast surgery is that, at least ...
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Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question, but I would suggest contacting your doctor as he/she can shed some light on your specific situation. Good luck!

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As per the above answer form Gina, the prices vary for breast augmentation surgery , also it varies as per the location, so pleas contact to your nearest doctor and consult about this.

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