how long does it take to drain a 50 gallon hot water heater?

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Answered: What could be wrong when the water heater keeps ...

It could be that that the gas volume is not set high enough. A plumber can check this for you. My gas volume was between 7-8 and the heater kept cutting off. The plumber set the volume to 12 and it works fine now.

Answered: Gas control dial on water heater tank got wet and will not turn

If the control got wet, then you have a leaky tank. It is time to replace the heater.

Answered: What would make you hotwater heater flip the breaker

Do you have an electric water heater?

Answered: Hot and Gas Water Heater

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Answered: How many gallons can a fast dripping faucet drain from a water heater in

It takes about 15,000 drips to make a gallon, so dripping once per second for 4 hours is about a gallon. A faster drip of twice a second could use 3 gallons in 6 hours. Even 4 drips per second would not empty the tank.

Answered: What part to change for the gas water heater to ...

On a 30 gallon water heater, it most likely IS going to get cold after a 10 minute shower: If you are using water at the rate of 3 gals a minute, you would completely empty the tank of heated water. Even if you just used water at the rate of 1 gal a min., you would have introduced 10 gals of COLD ...
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Rheem EcoSense 50-Gallon Electric heat pump water heaters,need product

Operation Modes The Rheem HP50RH has three operation modes. The first is the Energy Saver mode, which allows the water heater to function using only the heat pump on top to warm the water. In Normal mode, the heater uses both the heat pump and a heating element backup. When in Electric Heat Only ...

Can I use the Hot Water Recirculation pump to drain my hot water tank?

you can, but why? you are then draining the entire hot water system.(unless that's what you want to do). your better off, shutting off the cold inlet valve to the water heater, shut off the recirc line valve, shut off the outlet valve ( if one is installed) open the drain valve and loosen a di ...

Hot water heater

There could be a few reasons why. Im gonna guess that your gas or electric power is on, if not...then thats why. The temp in the water heater is satisfied could be one reason, check to see what the setting is set to on the water heater, if its on a low temp setting than turn it up. Another problem ...

My black water tank will not drain when valve is opened, can you help?

Probably you just have a toilet paper clog. The best way to open it (ugh) is to run a hose through the clog with the water on full, and when it gushes out, you know you got the clog. It is best to do that where the goo will slop into a pit. Then fill in the pit. If it dried out with a toilet ...