how long does it take to die from a broken heart?

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Answered: Have you ever had your heart broken? If yes how did you deal with it.

hello,at some time every one has had there heart broken or has broken some one heart.tHis happen everyday in life no matter where you live this is an issue all the time.well i am 31 and my heart was broken by the guy that i thought was the love of my life.we started off really good and after three ...

Answered: Broken Hearts Kill

Yes. It's not literal, like a heart attack but many people suicide because of profound grief or a 'broken heart'. There is a National Suicide Prevention crisis line in the USA as well as many grief counsellors to assist people with severe losses.

Answered: I broke my boyfriends heart

well sometimes it is always hard for new relationships to work cause of the pass relationship you just got out of.BY you talking with your ex.YOUr man doesn't know where he might stand at in your life.some times it is very hard to stop speaking to an ex.but if you want new relations you have to let ...

Answered: Dead of a 'Broken Heart'?

I believe in true love and this could definitely be the case with what happened to Brittany Murphy's husband. It is a very sad story.

Answered: Broken heart

never love again never trust again it works for me
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