How long does it take for dissolvable gauze to dissolve?

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Answered: Dissolvable sutures not dissolving

I had keyhole surgery to remove my gall bladder 14 years ago. I took ill on holiday last week and when I was excamined by the ship,s doctor he found undissolved stitches in my naval. Considering they were supposed to dissolve I now know why I have been hving so much trouble all thesee years. I have ...

Answered: How long do dissolvable sutures take to come out or dissolve? When can I

There are different types of dissolvable sutures. Call the person that did this to you and get specifics. With a name, you can Google it. Or if you are lucky, the orifice manager might actually give you the info. JayR

Answered: Dissolving solids

Anonymous, Let's presume that you're talking about dissolving your ammonium nitrate in water. 1, it's a potent endothermic reaction (it gets cold when you mix the chemicals). 2, Calcium chloride is very sligghtly exothermic in water. Here goes for NH/4\NO/3. NH/4+ + HOH = NH/4\OH -- H+ NO/3- + ...

Answered: How the solute dissolve by the solvent to form a solution?

Hi, ---------- Often all you have to do is stir it.... sometimes you might need to heat too (I take it for granted that you take the right quantities). ---------- Best regards,

Answered: How to dissolve oxycontin controlled release tabs

i have not found the answer to dissolve oxycontin controlled release

Answered: What forms when limestone is dissolved leaving caves and sink holes?

Limestone CaCO3 reacts with acid H2CO3 to produce Ca(HCO3)2, calcium bicarbonate, which is soluble in water. When dried it produces H2O and CO2 and CaCO3, which may become a stalagmite.
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What will dissolve soap block main sewer line?

Well generally, running hot water through the line will work. At least its always worked for the sewers here in Calgary.

How long for stitches to dissolve on the surface ...

Usually 5-7 days. However, you should notify your doctor immediately! You have 1 pair of eyes and want to make sure an inflammation does not turn into an infection. Do not delay. Meetze94

How long does it take for a medium size sugar cube to dissolve in cold

there are laws of theormodynamics that can tell one of them = law of heat transfer - based on conservation of energy q =ms (delta T) where q = energy measured in joules m = mass of ice s= specific heat - its a number - one can look at charts t = key = temprature gradient = ...

Lightbulbs that dissolve smoke is there such a thing?

Yes, I believe this one the left box the bulb is doing what the one in the right box has already done...dissolve the smoke...