how long does it take for a pygmy goat to give birth?

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Answered: My goat wont eat or dorink or open his mouth like ...

Well, I found a vet in Murrieta Dr Laxineta who helped me with my goat but his valiant efforts were to no avail. He had tetanus and the antitoxin series didn't work and had to have him put to sleep. He really suffered, too Come to find out, have the castration ring applied most likely caused him to ...

Answered: When do female pygmy goats first come into season

Females can come into heat as early as five months, BUT, be sure she is a good size and developed enough to handle pregnancy and birth. I think the very earliest you should breed is at least 9 months. And the breeding season is usually fall. Gestation is about 5 months. So an Oct. breeding should ...

Answered: Purchase of Pygmy Goats in southeast PA

The most knowledgable people about pygmy goats are those affiliated with the National Pygmy Goat Association. The website is On this site you will find local breeders to take to that will be better affiliated with your area and able to provide you with goats or send you in the ...

Answered: Pygmy goats justation

I just had a pygmy goat have a baby a couple of days ago. She carried him for 5 months. The signs she had was she filled up with milk, and not to be gross, but under her tail she had a discharge, and swollen. A couple of days before birthing, she bedded down alot. I also heard that pygmy's have ...

Answered: Will a fainting goat breed with a african pygmy goat

Yes. Since goats are the same mammilian creatures they are able to breed with eachother, no matter the breed of goat. If the pygmy is the doe then you should consult your vet immediately. Pygmy are notorius for having birthing difficulties anyway due to thier small size. Out of the 20+ I have ...

Answered: Female non pregnant Pygmy goat with swollen udders

Minimare3, thank you for your advice. I will continue to keep watch over her.
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