how long does it take a stray cat to starve to death?

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Answered: Cat hurt by a stray

Still not awake? call the veterinarian now!

Answered: Help for stray cats?

we have the same problem here at my place I just walk down the road a little and found a nice place and just started leaving food for them there and sometimes i sit and watch them and if there are friendly ones I try to find homes for them but I tell the people i place them with I don't know ...

Answered: A stray cat has her kittens under our porch & this ...

If you are feeding the mama cat & her kittens, and are finding them homes that is great, except they are living on your property. Since this happened on the sidewalk, and the dog was on a leash, it's questionable. Mama cat had to go all the way to the sidewalk to scratch the dog, which wasn;t on ...

Answered: Who has acess to income tax forms after death

Of course, Jesus was resurrected, but He never filed.

Answered: How do I get rid of the urine & feses smell. I do feed the stray cats

Hi Granny, I have multiple cats in my house and have found that a product called 'Nature's Miracle Just For Cats' actually IS a miracle. I do not own stock in the company or anything, and there are similar products that also use enzymes to destroy odors, so you may find other products just like it ...

Answered: A very beautiful cat has moved into a false ...

That's great! She needs lots of extra food while nursing. At four weeks they shouldn't still be wobbly. Possibly they're closer to three weeks, considering their ears are up and erect, if not, they are even younger. Anyway, it sounds like the Mom is grateful for all of your help. Thanks for the ...
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How do i keep stray cats from pooping on my lawn?

All you need to do is get a large container of chili spice from a Dollar store, it doesn't hurt any plants or lawn. The other quick fix is to place moth balls or crystals around the area the cat uses. They don't seem to like the smell. Some people say, getting some dog hair from a groomers does the ...


"It is appointed for us to die, and very shortly afterwards, God's judgment." Live accordingly.

My friend stuart j reif died may 15, 1989 how can I find death notice

Since you know his date of death you should be able to find the newspaper obit in the city he died or the city he lived in. Ask at the public library.

How to give a cat an enama at home

This is a job for a professional, bigmomma. I certainly must encourage you not to go thru with this.