How long does it take a landlord to evict a disabled person in mo without lease?

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Answered: I have a person living with me who has a very bad temper who is on my

You can if you go to the police station and tell them you want him evicted because he has a bad temper.Some will argue with you that he helps pay the rent so he has as right being there as you do. You could always tell the man that you are the primary lease holder and if he doesn't move you will ...

Answered: Disability Help

I got disability in florida first try if your not getting it you probably arent disabled

Answered: Landlord wants to evict us while repair the bathroom is that right? we

Is it for good or just for the time the bathroom is being repaired?
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Eviction non payment before due date?

It depends if you have paid your rent. If you have gone through the proper chanels and file a report with enviromental health department. Then take pictures of the repairs needed and send in writting to your landlord needed repairs. They have a certain amount of time they need to respond. If they ...

I never rewned my lease but am still in my apt can i move without

You can leave but you will lose your deposit, as long as there is no damage to their property the landlord will properly not persue a law suite

Bankruptcy erasing evictions from credit report.

hen filing for bankruptcy, it is important to check the rules especially if you have a co-signer. Your co-signer was the one who co-signed your debts when you applied for it. Your co-signer vouched about your credibility as a borrower, which is how you got the approval. Generally, a co-signer is ...