How long does it take a landlord to evict a disabled person in mo without lease?

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Answered: Disability Help

I got disability in florida first try if your not getting it you probably arent disabled

Answered: I have a person living with me who has a very bad temper who is on my

You can if you go to the police station and tell them you want him evicted because he has a bad temper.Some will argue with you that he helps pay the rent so he has as right being there as you do. You could always tell the man that you are the primary lease holder and if he doesn't move you will ...

Answered: Landlord wants to evict us while repair the bathroom is that right? we

Is it for good or just for the time the bathroom is being repaired?
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Can a landlord evict for people living in property, but not on the

Under Texas codes, lease must specify # of days guests can stay with out permission, if it specifies permission needed. If no days are noted, then it is automatically only 2 days. Exception: A person who is being protected/sheltered due to domestic violence may stay up to 30 days without landlord ...

Landlord/Lease problems?

What you got sounds like a 1 month notice that your month-to-month lease is being terminated. I'm not sure whether the landlord would have to get an eviction notice if you don't vacate, but probably he could get a 3-day eviction at that point. Possibly he could change the locks and put your ...