how long does d-con poison take effect in humans?

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Answered: How long does rat poison stay in the human body

Before or after death occurs? Here's an article that briefly addresses the subject: New Method Identifies Rat Poison In Humans Main Category: Public Health Also Included In: Blood / Hematology Article Date: 28 May 2008 - 7:00 PDT Researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health ...

Answered: My favorite poison (meaning)

My favorite poison - pasta.

Answered: How long will side effects last?

Side effects depend on multiple factors, medication, dose, how long it has been taken, individual's size; what other medications, OTC medications, supplements and foods are being consumed. If you tell us which side effect you are having and some of the info above, answers would probably help you ...

Answered: Why does Humanity seem to be taking so long to finally run out of

Look, look. See the pee. See the poop. Pee and Poop are friends. Pee and Poop want to be your friends too. Don't be scared of Poop, he lives in your intestines and takes care of all your waste so it doesn't back up in your colon and make you need surgery. When Poop collects enough waste, he pushes ...

Answered: I suspect relative is possibly being poisoned ...

The police will do nothing without evidence. The first move is to the doctor. Or has C1 suggested, out of the house.

Answered: How long have humans been on the earth

I must have seen a thousand atheist hoaxes, all so ridiculous that they could only be considered the sickest of practical jokes. None pass cursory investigation, much less detailed historical verification. I will say that atheists will always resort to duplicity, persecution, and violence to get ...
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It depends on the sensitivity of the exposed. ex. some won't get it at all. Some will almost immediately feel the itch - see the redness and the rash is quick to follow. I have experienced this within hours or if not overnight. Hope you get better answers than this. Time to get out the calamine ...

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