how long do you ice your front teeth that was just pulled out?

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Answered: How long to wait to eat hot food after having all teeth pulled and

If your gums do not stop bleeding you need to go back to Dentist right away. He may need to give you a few stitches to help with healing. Start slowly and eat what you think you can handle. Should not be a problem except getting used to the feel of the partial.

Answered: My daughter is 3 and has bad teeth. I took her to ...

Get a second opinion. I am so glad I did. When my daughter was 2, this one Dr. wanted to put her to sleep to pull them. The second pediatric dentist I found, who is ranked in the top 5 in America filled them, and gave her a root canal on the 1 tooth without putting her under, and without discomfort ...

Answered: Getting all my Teeth pulled 30 of them want to know about the pain

Why are you getting all your teeth pulled? As long as you are on A LOT of drugs you won't feel it. Can you asked to be put under? When I got some teeth pulled I was asleep the entire time. When I woke up it was over. I think this is the best way to do it.

Answered: Baby teeth

its probably a good idea to get them pulled if they really are as you said they are. if you leave them in there they could actually damage the gums for life.... but you should definately see 1 or if possible 2 more dentists.... i wish you 2 well

Answered: I had 2 teeth pulled today: one top, one bottom ...

Your best bet besides yogurt and cottage cheese is eggs, applesauce, pasta, oatmeal or any hot cereal that you let sit for a little while to get warm. There is not much besides all the soft stuff because you can not chew anything.. Good luck.
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Pulled baby teeth at early age

sum kids are really late... and walk around for years without their teeth, however they should probably b showing by now... if ur really concerned then u should prob take him to a dentist 2 make sure


I don't know about babies, but the temporary teeth are replaced by the permanent ones, and sometimes they get stuck, and have to be removed to allow the grown up tooth to grow as it should. I had a problem like that, and they only found out that I have a tooth that was locked inside the gum when I ...

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Go to the ortho and tell him what the dentist said and the "ortho" will do it.

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You can certainly worry if you want to but I don't see what good that will do. Isn't it natural for canine teeth to be pointy?