how long do you have to charge a wireless ps3 bluetooth headset?

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Answered: How do you charge a bluetooth headset for a PS3? I have one but having

i have the same issue, i just purchased a ps3 slim since my last ps3 bit the bullet and now the mic i had will sync but does not show up on the xnb menue when you want to see if its charged or not, also will not hold a charge it seems, im thinking bad batteries, or not getting a charge, i cant ...

Answered: Where can i smart wireless charging mat for my nokia lumia 920?

Search it in online shop.I think this is the easiest way to get that.You can try choetech.Choetech is one of best online wireless charger.They have amazon link.So its easy for you to get wireless charger mat for your phone.Here is the link

Answered: Where can i get best quality wireless charging mat for my Samsung

Try Amazon.Amazon have wireless charger.Have you ever hear choetech? Choetech is a big online wireless charger shop.You can get best quality charging mat from here.Choetech have amazon link.It can help you to get it easily.Here is the amazon link

Answered: Where can i get wireless charging mat for my Iphone 5s?

You can search it any wireless charger shop in your city.If you failed to do it then search it on any online shop like Amazon.I am suggesting you to try choetech.Choetech is one best online wireless charger shop.You can get vest quality wireless charger from choetech.Here is the choetech amazon link ...

Answered: Bonding between mobile phone and bluetooth headset in helmet.

i'm having simiilar nightmare having tried all evening with the suggested "0000" and in the end loads of different similar guesses a la 1111, 9999, 1010, etc etc... i have several different devices and not one has had any joy so far..... help?????

Answered: Bluetooth.

TO RESET YOUR aoem gw-bt-002 you need to switch on the bluetooth handsfree and press down in the middle of the volume button till the lights frash red and blue intermitent then search for bluetooth divices as nowmal on your mobile till it picks the aoem gw-bt-002 up. hope this helps as it ...
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Im imran im using nokia n95 but im having nokia bh 203 bluetooth head set

I would think you can take the phone and bluetooth to your cell phone provider to get it fixed.

Why does my ps3 keep freezing up

I have the sam problem and do not know what to do one minute i was playing Cod4 online my bro turned it off and now it does not read the games blu ray and dvd works still but the games dont help me please p3go

Wireless Charger Charging Pad?

For wireless charging pad you should try . last month i was purchased 1 pad for my s5. Thanks

I cant get my bluetooth device to connect to the ...

Could be the device is not supported or a problem with console. Without know the manufacturer or device model number there is not much anyone can help you with. First try another blue tooth device and see if that works. See if the console can find that? That will help determine if the problem is ...