HOW LONG DO YOU Have serve in jail if sentence to 4 years?

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Answered: How long is a google year?

You can get youtube views from [Famecrowd](, they start delivering the views within the same day and they even have a tracking area for clients.

Answered: Jail Time For Lilo

Jail Time For Lilo on AOL Answers. That is only because of who she is!!! Sweet G

Answered: How long is a jail term?

It depends on what the judge decides. Usually the judge has a range for a particular offense, such as petty theft or drug possession; it might be 3 months to a year in county jail. Grand larceny might be 2 to 10 years in state prison. Rape and murder might be life sentences.

Answered: Will Lindsay Lohan learn from her jail sentence?

I hope she learns from it and afterwards gets more help because she is wasting her talent.

Answered: Jail

Hi chrchriso1. One difference that I know of.. is that up until the early 1990's you could smoke cigarettes and carry matches in Jail. That has changed.
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