how long do you fry alligator meat?

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Answered: Alligator length

Tied down, and with the jaws clamped shut. Why do you need to do this? Anna Sparky's Mom

Answered: Something to know about alligators.

You got that right, Darko Babe. Alligator moms will lay down their lives defending their nests and their eggs. Till the baby gators are big enough to make it on their own, the little guys chirp like frogs when you pick 'em up and a couple minutes later, you are looking at momma gator. When you ...

Answered: Where was a 27 foot alligator found?

According to this site . There is a report of a saltwater crocodile in Australia that was 27 feet (8.2 m) long.

Answered: Have you pett a alligator before

Not high on my list. but thanks.

Answered: How do you fry amberjack?

I've always been told " Amberjack, are not fit to eat!" and I've never known of anyone eating them.

Answered: How many alligator feet long in the world?

Do you mean how many feet long for all the alligators put together? If an average alligator is 10 feet, multiply by the estimated number of alligators. The most recent figure I found was 3797 American alligators seen in 1982. There are also Chinese alligators.
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