How long do violations stay on your record in New York state?

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Answered: Upstate New York

I believe anything above the Westchester Region.

Answered: How long are cantolopes good in the refrigerator?

A cantaloupe in the refrigerator is probably good for 4 days. Maybe it will be still edible after a week if you don't see mold, but it may get mushy and the taste will start to change.

Answered: Why is New York State refusing to pay the toll for the Trucking Companies

Are the trucking companies charging the state New York to haul the debris out? I bet they are.

Answered: Access to police arrest files

I think websites which offer background criminal records online services are USA and Canada based only. Other public criminal records of the countries not mentioned above are not yet accessible or they have not yet created a public criminal background check websites.
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