how long do people live that have a brain tumor?

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Answered: Brain tumor with feelers

Not knowing how you define feelers, I am going to say yes. I am interpreting feelers to mean extensions of the malignant tumor into the surrounding normal tissue. Malignant tumors do not respect normal cell boundaries as normal tissue or benign tumors would. JayR

Answered: Brain tumor

My dearest loved one, How I wish I had an immediate answer, maybe it's pretty close to one though. Go to or call 1 866 235-7205, they will send you a very well put together 3 ring folder. It includes stories about people with all sorts of cancer and what they went through, how ...

Answered: Can a brain tumor raise your blood pressure?

Is it possible? Absolutely. The brain stem controls the basic functions of your body, including blood pressure. Depending on the location of the tumor, you may find that your blood pressure is out of whack. Of course, if the only thing you are noticing is high blood pressure, there are a number of ...

Answered: Can peripheral vision be regained after brain tumor removal ?

Anything that is abnormal with the brain can cause interesting and unpredictable effects. It all depends on the location of the tumor, why vision was changed in the first place. Best to talk to a neuro-ophthalmologist who would better be equipped to answer your question more definitively.

Answered: Anyone developed a Brain Tumor after being on byetta or Actos

Hi Maria, I was on Byetta for three years. I developed a rare tumor which was removed six months ago. Thank God it was benign! I have often suspected that maybe byetta was the culprit. I was taken off byetta about a year ago because of severe stomach pains. I was not on actos at the time but byetta ...

Answered: Can Benign Brain Tumor come back. Had one removed in April 2008. Going

Did this happen to someone you know, or yourself??
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What is a blood tumor?

A blood tumor is a term sometimes used to denote an aneurysm, hemorrhagic cyst, or hematoma.

Why does my brain get cold after surgery when I go outside in cold

Did you have one of those lobotomies, too? Uncle Frank

What is the difference between a brain tumor and a brain anurysm

A brain tumor is a growth of cancerous cells in or near the brain. It could be malignant meaning more aggressive and spreading or it could be benign meaning it has a higher level of differentiation and it is better contained. At times it's possible to get it out but that really depends on where it's ...