how long can you keep london broil in the fridge?

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Answered: London broil and cut against grain

always cut meats against the grain not with it , if it is still tough it could be the manner in which you cooked it or the speed at which you cooked

Answered: How can I go from London city to Southall? Witch bus or metr do I have to

Trains to Southall station can be caught from Paddingtion or Ealing Broadway. How long it will take, how much it cost and which tube to use to get to either of those stations depends on where in the city you're starting from.

Answered: Would you buy a "smart" fridge?

I wouldn't. I pride myself on my organizing and shopping skills. It also seems to be another possible electronic device that could go wrong.

Answered: 10yr old fridge,is it safe to use?

It is certainly safe to use. Not like today, refrigerators manufactured years ago were meant to last for many years. You might want to check that the gaskets on the doors provide a tight seal to save energy.
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