how long can my 10 month old have a fever for with a ear infection before i have to worry?

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Answered: How can I tell if it's an ear infection or just ...

Family physicians, Physicians assistants, and Nurse practitioner's are also fully qualified to diagnose ear infections. If your child is fussy or appears ill, I would recommend seeing a health professional. Julie M

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It depends on the condition..

Answered: Need help to tell friend what 10 month old needs best

Have you tried asking if she has discussed this with the baby's doctor? I'm sure the baby's doctor would be interested to know this is what she is doing. Try finding out who the doctor is, and call their office if you don't feel comfortable calling Social Services. If the doctor is uncomfortable ...

Answered: I just noticed that my three month old yorkie has a cataract in his left

I know this might sound like a crazy question but have you considered taking the dog to a veterinarian? Or did you think you'd get better advice on AOL?

Answered: My 10 month old has middle ear fluid and running nose, can I use Normal

I am with BethH. Also, my rule of thumb in regards to home treatments is to still check with pediatrician first. Children are different. Delicate.

Answered: How can I tell if my toddler has an ear infection ...

That is a difficult one to figure out. If she is feeling ok then maybe wait a day or two and see what happens. The fever could be from teething and of course that can make her ears hurt also.
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