how long can I stay in Norwegian Grove Township, Otter Tail County, Minnesota on a tourist visa?

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Answered: Staying after your visa expires

Well dear, i think that you have absolutely nothing to worry about , because they start counting the six months from the day you get in and not from the day the visa was issued, contrary to what most people may think.that is when th i-94 comes into play, because it tells them when you got in and ...

Answered: Is It possible to convert my tourist visa in canda ...

In order to be 100% certain in the answer you receive, I suggest you contact the Canadian authorities directly. You can do this by going to the following link.

Answered: Dubai Visa Online

As per my knowledge minimum of 4 days required to get your visa, but usually people prefer to apply well before time (1 months before journey). I personally got my Dubai visa within 5 day after I apply for it at, you can check with this one also.

Answered: How long are cantolopes good in the refrigerator?

A cantaloupe in the refrigerator is probably good for 4 days. Maybe it will be still edible after a week if you don't see mold, but it may get mushy and the taste will start to change.

Answered: What are requirements for Tourist Visa??

The visa requirements are the same as if you were visiting France. A separate visa is required. For more information go to this web site.
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I am from philippines im planning to go to paris how can i get a tourist

Yes you will need a visa to get into France. Here is the link for the French Embassy in the philippinnes. It will give you all the information that you need, in order to apply for the visa.

Do i need to notarize an invitation letter for tourist visa to USA.

Dear brother, If You collect that I think that will be betterment for you to get B1/B2 Visa and say to the invitee to fax this one to US Embassy in Dhaka & Send one copy to US website & One copy to you. Mr Moni 88-01912830321