How long can germs survive?

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Answered: Are there germs in the washing machine? If so, how long can they live

All sorts of germs and bacteria can breed in your washer especially when you are washing dirty and grimy clothes and shoes. Molds can breed in there. Appliances that use water are prone to mold and bacteria formation. That is because the environment is generally damp and humid. If your washer starts ...

Answered: Surviving

Answered: Wheat bulgur vs wheat germ

I would think so.

Answered: What makes your mac computer take so long to come on

There are many reasons it could take a while for your Mac to turn on, but without knowing what you have on your computer I couldn't really pinpoint the issue. My advice to you would be to contact a Mac expert at an Apple authorized shop. You could probably call or go on to their website to see if ...

Answered: Germs and babies

I hope no one misunderstands what I am asking, my daughter and I have a GREAT relationship, partly because I raised her alone and partly because I know when to shut my mouth. I will always abide by her wishes because it is her child, I just wanted to know for my own satisfaction. Everyone has ...
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Are there fewer germs in a hands-free faucet than a regular faucet?

If you have a "True Hands Free", and it's cleaned proper it should be as good as it gets, also will cost.. Sweet G

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