how long can anxiety attacks last before heart attack?

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Answered: In this article it's talking about anxiety attacks ...

Anxiety and panic attacks are different, both effects the people into extreme levels panic and anxiety levels can cause the heart attacks or heart pressures, dizziness and chest pain are some other effects of panic attacks. I found some useful information at

Answered: How can i recognise the symptoms of anxiety panic attacks?

Panic attack is a sudden feeling of fear and it will reach to peaks in small fraction of time. Upset stomach & nausea A feeling of intense fear, terror, or anxiety Dizziness and shaking Difficulty breathing Sweating Tingling sensation in the legs Hot flashes or chills Fear of dying or ...

Answered: Panic heart attack symptoms?

My friend suffers from it and sometimes he feels really bad. It must be awful. Good luck with it!

Answered: How long before you can have sex after a massive heart attack?

I believe that's a question you really need to ask your doctor.

Answered: Physical symptoms of anxiety attacks?

My friend suffers from it and sometimes he feels really bad. It must be awful.

Answered: Whats the best thing to do when suffering from a panic attack?

Panic attacks and heart attacks are too much alike not to take them as medical emergencies. Call for a cab and go to the hospital but don't call an ambulance unless you are about to pass out.
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Is it possible to combat frequent panic attacks without the use of drugs

Yes, you can. Drugs only work for a short period of time. Your body gets used to them and they will soon return. Also , drugs are not good because it doesn't really 'cure' the panic attacks, only cover them up. You need to treat them with either cognitive behavioural therapy, or another natural ...

Are there ways to live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder without

try doing meditation exercises and practices .

One of my close friends suffers from panic attacks ...

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