how long after vetalog injection can i ride horse?

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Answered: Where can I buy Synaditen injection?

Amazon ,where I can buy the Synaditen

Answered: Horseback Riding Classes?

When my Son was young I always sent him to Summer Camp, I made sure that one of the activities always included Riding. My Dad had belonged to the Saddle Club and had a few Beauties, that was many years back. It's never to late. Sweet G About how much do lessons cost? - Yahoo! Answers Mar 6 ...

Answered: I am looking for a reasonably priced horse, what ...

Megan: There is so much that you need to know before you ever begin to look for a horse. I would strongly advise you to take riding lessons before taking on ther big financial responsibilty of a horse. If you are sure you can handle this responsibilty then I suggest you try to find what we call a ...

Answered: Horse kicked in front leg

Ok, so did you have a question or did you just want to tell us a horse was kicked?

Answered: How long can you ride a horse before giving water

Yes, elden said it will depends on various factor. Mostly it is based on the riding speed and climatic condition, if it is winter it you can run little longer. Source:-

Answered: How to put fly repellent on a horse

Pat I don't know if anyone has tried to help you with your problem with the fly spray but the easy way is to put it on a rag and wipe it on but start slow let them know what you are doing is not going to hurt them start on a place away from the face first like the side or back the ease to the face ...
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Horse riding rehabilitation

Rehabilitation with horses is getting recognition worldwide. I cause of that is that riding develops the stabilization (which mosy handicapped lack) and because of the horse being such a great communicator. There's no specific brand of horse which is suitable for it- the horse should be relaxed ...

Were can i find a mini horse, that needs a home? in Northen calif.

Hi, I heard a couple of breeders are placing mini's up your way. I just placed 4 myself. Please consider taking 2. Yes, even if you have big horse or a goat. And I don't like to keep a big horse with a mini anyway. Go to the AMHA or the AMHR and look up breeders and trainers in your area. Then ask ...

Do I have to buy a horse in order to ride or show?

No, not at all... you can practice riding at some stable location where they provide guides and trained horses. If you want a horse... you may get it on rent/lease from such stable locations. Thanks... -- Source: Sombrero Ranches

How do i teach my horse to sidestep? or other dressage movement?

Hi hannahbabii , Push his shoulders and his butt over while giving a command like "over, over, over". Once you have him doing it from on the ground and he is using his front legs and properly crossing them.....move up to his back. Most of the time horses will try to back up when ...