how long does 1 shot of 80 proof vodka stay in the body?

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Answered: How long are cantolopes good in the refrigerator?

A cantaloupe in the refrigerator is probably good for 4 days. Maybe it will be still edible after a week if you don't see mold, but it may get mushy and the taste will start to change.

Answered: What blood type needs shot after giving birth

If you're O negative and your baby is O positive you may need a shot.

Answered: How long does an 8 oz cup of coffee stay in body

Caffeine can stay in your body for a long time. Effects can last from 8 to 14 hours but it wears easily if you're a regular coffee drinker.

Answered: All mixed drinks produced with vodka

Calling all vodka lovers! Ray Foley,The Vodka 1000 (Bartender Magazine ), presents 1,000 cocktails, food recipes, fascinating facts and resources about drinks with vodka. Never before has this much information on vodka been collected in one place: -50 facts about vodka -750 vodka cocktails -100 ...

Answered: You need to change your heavy body by one light?

in this link you find more about:

Answered: What is a good vodka jello shot

Who puts Jello into vodka? This sounds like alcohol abuse to me.
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Vodka is a mixture of chemicals substances ...

Below is an article I found about the topic. Hope it helps.

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I have no idea, but if you try it, let me know!

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