how large is high rock lake in NC?

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Answered: Is the lake water in Lake Lure crystal clear?

The Rocky Broad River winds its way through a series of rapids down through Hickory Nut Gorge, and the crystal clear water flows through the valley that feeds Lake Lure...Yes the lake water is crystal clear

Answered: What year did they drain the water out of High Rock Lake in NC?

Due to total and deliberate mismanagement of High Rock Lake in 2002, Alcoa Power Generating, Inc, (ALCO) was responsible for long term environmental damage and much loss of wildlife. High Rock Lake is still recovering from this intentional catastrophe created solely by ALCOA who pride themselves in ...

Answered: What is a high shady?

Slim Shady's redheaded stepchild?

Answered: Who runs nurseing homes in nc

In NC, a guy named Dave runs all the nursing homes.

Answered: Year round houseboat living, lake powell, any ...

I don't believe there is a rule about year round living on Powell. Time share house boats go all year long. Pump out and fresh water is free. Antelope point has one stop service, you can fuel, pump out and get water all at the same place. Plus, they have the best service and a great, on the ...

Answered: High Speed Internet

I used the site For the Internet Speed Test I am using the Verizon US Broadband..Now My Uploading Speed 567Kbps,Downloading speed is 1120Kbps..
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