how large can a mouse get?

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Answered: What causes my mouse to quit working

Thanks, I will give that a try next time it quits on me

Answered: Why does my mouse wonder around by itself it ...

If your mouse WANDERS around a lot, it may be looking for other mice to play with. If you get it a playmate, it may not wander around as much. :)~

Answered: Fake marsh mouse story?

I wasted enough time on you

Answered: Why is renting large holiday homes so expensive?

I am not agree with you. Renting a home is more cheaper than hiring rooms in the hotel.

Answered: Would you use this mouse?

This sounds like a very interesting gadget. I am more than willing to give it a try as long as it is not heavy on the hand. I wonder when will it get to the states.
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Are all optical gaming mouse the same?

There are different types of optical gaming mouse and I found Logitech a good choice. It has a game sensitivity switching feature. It also has an adjustable weight and balance. It is one of the optical gaming mouse that boast of spped and optimum precision that gamers will surely love.

Fancy computer mouse

Try this site:

Will a mouse eat through a banana peel?

Yes why not I also see that mice it banana peel I am saying true

How can i have a driver for my mouse in windows xp home editon?

You Haven't specified if this is a generic mouse which can be driven with the built in driver in Windows or is it a special mouse with special functions which require a special driver. If you bought it in store you should have received a disk with drivers. You should first install the drivers and ...