How is stereotyping used to justify their often inferior treatment?

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Answered: Use your supremacy mildly and remedially.

White and black supremacists in the Democrats. Tried to split the nation and failed. It is treason, look at their racist spats. That's why Democrats should all be jailed. Racist fools that joined them, Prove that they are all entirely useless. Too bad they model themselves after Kim. He's the ...

Answered: Is the "state stereotypes" video accurate?

State stereotypes (and all others for my opinion) are always wrong. When we think of Alabama, we rarely think of Huntsville NASA Flight Training Center. That will shatter most stereotypes, at the least. Look at the situation before you accurately and unemotionally. That will always reveal quite ...

Answered: Teens stereotyping other teens

Because these teens don't know any better!

Answered: Why an I tired after radiation treatment

Well, tiredness can still be a problem for some months after your treatment has finished.

Answered: Stereotypes

Tyrebitre I HAD to give you a 'thumbs up' just cause you made me laugh! Im still laughing ROTFLMFAO F.A.B. ~MICKI~ XO

Answered: How effective is radiation treatment for a dog's adrenal tumor

There's no blanket statement for an answer. Each case is different. It could have no effect. It could have minimal effect. It could have moderate effect. It could cure. Size, location, growth rate and genetic makeup of the tumor all factor in.
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