How is sonny geraci's health?

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Answered: Is Swimming Good For Health?

Swimming is the only whole body workout you can do without damaging the joints. The process stimulates the circulatory system, breathing helps exercise the lungs which increases the oxygen level, thus muscles relax, so no soreness. Excellent for the Heart also.

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The US Constitution does not provide a government role in health care. States provided care for war veterans. Various state laws regulated health insurance. In 1917 Congress enacted more veterans benefits. In 1930 the Veterans Administration was formed, to include medical care for veterans. In ...

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Almost every type of nuts are good for you, unless you have a nut allergy of some kind. But nuts like almonds and pistachios are becoming more and more integrated in people's diets, since they are great snacks for keeping healthy. There are actually fitness and nutrition classes, which are usually ...

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What is the Sonny Bono Law

Answered: Health / Vegetables

A delicious way to protect your ticker: Eat colorful fruits and vegetables. Of course, all fruits and veggies are good for you, but when it comes to your heart, certain ones provide added benefit. From watermelons to pineapples, there’s a rainbow of potent nutrients proven to do the trick. Read on ...

Answered: Artificial Supplements good for health??

You need to check this out. It shows great stats regarding the consumer confidence in Supplements. It shows 85% U.S consumer confidence in supplements which proves that the supplements are natural. For the human body to complete all the tasks it has in a normal day, it must be given a wide and ...
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The cerebellum (“little brain”) is the second largest part of your brain, and is located near the base of the brain. Its lining is called the cerebellar cortex. The cerebellum is involved in balance, equilibrium, muscle tone, and the coordination of voluntary motor movement. The cerebellum is the ...


Cerebellum is part of the brain that is at the lower back of the head.


Some say the healthiest thing to do is to eat many colors, which usually means more veggies and fruits. The basic premise is that the more colorful your meal, the more balanced and healthy it is. There are places that give free health education for those who are interested in learning more about ...