How is situational police based discretion used in an abused?

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Answered: How to file a complaint against a depew police officer

First thing to do is take pictures of any injuries and contact a lawyer. He'll know what to do from there. Or you could make a report at the police station, which would probably be "filed" and then misplaced.

Answered: Craigslist Nashville, used cars for sale by owner

Yeah, so what's your question? Does this look like Craigslist? Do we look like used car salesmen?

Answered: I have a neighbor claims he use to b a police ...

He's not inpersonating if he says he USED to be a policeman. The guy is an idiot and I'd spend my time steering clear of him if I were you. What's the saying...good fences make good neighbors. Get a good tall fence and plant plenty of aggressive vines all around it. Then avoid the neighbor like ...

Answered: Charlotte nc police, How do you report someone driving and there licence

Doug -- I am not the NC Police but I doubt that they will answer you. I suggest you get in touch with the police precinct closest to you.

Answered: In this era of the p.c. agenda police, how is it ...

Some people have something to say, Steve just says shit from sucking to many diks.

Answered: I have a friend who's husband is going to kill her. The Glenside

Unless you are willing to hide her yourself or pay for her to "leave town", there isn't much you can do. She has to want to leave him on her own. It has to come from her to ask for help. She can have an Order of Protection issued, but unless she physically leaves him, there isn't much else anyone ...
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Abusive Soilders

Put a recording device on your phone and record every call. Delete the ones that are not from him. From there bring these recordings to the police and get a restraining order. Even if he comes up to you and does nothing, he will still be breaking the law and either have to go to jail or court ...

What states are police computers connected to north carolina

ALL police departments are hooked together. As soon as you get pulled over for running a stop sign in Alaska, they will know if you got a warrant on you in Florida. The simple and easy solution is not break the law in the first place. Ride like you were wanted.

Looking to buy used vehicle

As there are number of options available out there where you can find used vehicles, there is nothing to feel worried. I would say, get in touch with the reliable online auto parts dealers like and make your purchase from the one that is ready to ...


Telling her to leave him and telling her how horrible her boyfriend is will only push her away, I speak from experience. You can start talking to her about abuse, what its all about and the feelings one goes through when in that situation. Discuss the issue and not attack the boyfriend. Obviously ...