How is research defined in the social and behavioral sciences?

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Answered: What kind of job should i seek with a Bachelors of Science in Biology

You should have thought about that when you decided on a major. Your college should have recruiters calling. Maybe you can get a job at a biotech company or a drug company.

Answered: Radiometric Dating

Carbon-14 dating is good for up to 20,000 years, maybe 50,000. It might be used by archeologists and anthropologists. Uranium-lead dating might be used by geologists. It can be used to the age of the earth. Half-life is the length of time it takes for half of the atoms to decay. The U-238 decay ...

Answered: Define the research of analyzing how people use space in communication

Generally, the more grandiose the delusions of an extremist, the more hugely he will gesture, as though we were all supposed to rise up in applause with his every obscene turn of the middle finger. Here is one of Obama's recent speeches. White House staff had to remove certain language. Judge for ...

Answered: Research help

The fact is that there are many people who can't complete their research paper in time because some people real need technical help and helping hands. And if you are searching for the helping hands then in my view the most helping hand for the research paper is smart custom writing.Get your helping ...

Answered: Research Paper

My brother was student of the engineering and he was also doing a internship with other company and this is why he rarely get time to work in his research paper. This is why he always need help. Once he get the information about the smart custom writing. He just feel relief with his engineering ...

Answered: Define the concept

in the Analytic school of philosophy, the subject matter of philosophy, which philosophers of the Analytic school hold to be concerned with the salient features of the language in which people speak of concepts at issue. Concepts are thus logical, not mental, entities. A typical instance of the use ...
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