how is Marine One transported?

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Answered: In china what is the name of the thing that is used to transport one

Rickshaw. You won't see it today in China (only for tourists to take pictures). Rickshaws are pulled today by bicycles / skooters / motocycles.

Answered: Transportion

Sadly speaking that you have been scammed same as the number of people who have been trapped by the Max Carrier Division. That is the reason why they do not provide you further contact details about their business.

Answered: Car reviews...How would anyone who owns a Mercy Mariner rate it? I am

In general Mercurys are underrated. According to Consumers Union they were among the best in reliability. However I don't know how the Mariner stands and since they were not popular there is the spare parts availability issue.

Answered: Will MIKEY'S little empire of sock puppets end up biting the big one?

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Answered: How does one find ones date of rank in the Marine Corps from the 1960s

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238 and counting.

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Hiring a car is favorably only when you intend to use it for a short time period. If the duration is longer, it becomes better to buy an affordable car for that time and sell it back (especially with some dealers who do buybacks) after the need is over. We had gone to Cyprus for a holiday and had ...

Rules of National Transportation Safety Board as it relates to cars hit

You can have a look at the official website of Transportation Security Administration at you will surely find all the list of train transportation rules and regulations easily.

What is eeg in the marines for a reserve?

Hopefully he didn't mean an EKG, an electrocardiogram which measures the electrical activity of the heart<>. When one gets off RA status and is joining the Reserves or entering a program of their choice or is selected, sometimes an EKG is required in the form of a required physical or the member ...