how is it to be a rn psych nurse in jail?

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Answered: LPN TEST OUT FOR RN BY STATE I have many extra with my lpn license and

I was an LVN and moved to california and was accepted into california nursing as an LVN by resiprossity. I took a refresher nursing course at CCSF, at the end of the course I was told I could test for the RN california state test

Answered: Got a question about Affordable Online Nursing ...

If you want an affordable one you can apply for a scholarship this will lessen the tuition, you can also look for some government school for sometimes such schools are much more affordable but make sure that the school or University can give you high quality education to become an LPN

Answered: Can a RN nursing student give iv Antibiotics

I would have to agree that if you are a Nursing Student, the only time you would be able to give IV Drugs is under the supervision of your instructor. You are a STUDENT until you have your license!!! TONY

Answered: I have heard a little about traveling nurses and seen ads for them. Do

In my own opinion, that may depend on the company you are applying for. as long as you have enough years of experience.

Answered: FORTIS SCHOOL OF NURSING, My friend has a ...

I don't know if it's accredited or not, but it certainly seems a bit iffy, at best. Here's a page of information I found which may help you and your friend determine if this school is the best choice for her granddaughter. Good luck! COMPLIANCE AND INFORMATION CONSUMER INFORMATION Here you'll ...

Answered: What was a jail called in the western movies

hoosegow, of course, is a corruption of juzgado. "In the jug" also derives from juzgado.
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Community nursing is indeed a filed not many ...

No question asked here. Yes, many fields of nursing are needed in order to get the entire job done. Community nursing is one. KUDOS to your cousin. Now, you need to become a nurse and fulfill one of the many highly needed positions that are available.

Who runs nurseing homes in nc

In NC, a guy named Dave runs all the nursing homes.

I am an RN (BSN) and my charge nurse is a LPN. How is this possible?

A charge nurse gives orders and directs the staff, you can deligate down (to LPN or across to RN) you can not delegate Up (LNP ordering RN). Check with your board of nursing!

What is a "70 nurse"?

The witness was actually saying "my SECONDARY nurse". As I mentioned, her English was heavily accented. Thanks, all, for attempting to help me out!