how is it possible to overdose on pills without throwing up?

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Answered: Is it possible

Why do I suspect that you knew the answer to this question before you posted it?

Answered: What are the possible side effects from taking the ...

not all women have side effect - if you have it, it could be temporary - discover all side effects of pills in section CONTRACEPTION:

Answered: If i had sex the 3rd day of my period, but took the morning after pill

chances for pregnancy are almost zero - check below your fertie and not-fertile days:

Answered: If i am on the pill and have sex the day my period ends, could i still

Yes. While the chances are very low, it is possible to get pregnant while taking birth control. Birth control is very effective, but not always 100%, so it is safest to practice safe sex, and use condoms in addition to birth control. Good luck.

Answered: Im on birth control right now the pills that im ...

you stop taking the pill and if you miss your period
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If you are taking "the pill", when is the time when you are least likely

all the time is the least likely since that is the point of being on the pill... constant pregnancy prevention... you do not ovulate while taking the pill... good luck:))

Can i get pregnant if i don't take my period pills ...

i totally agree with gemini but. placebo's are just another word for sugar pills....did a doctor prescribe them to u? if so u might wanna ask why they gave u sugar pills?

Can i get pregnant if i don't take my period pills ...

In the UK, we do not have the placebo pills, we only have 21 pills and then you period comes a few days after the end of the pack - the important thing is to remember is to start the new pack a week later, otherwise you are not protected. In the US, they have a placebo pill so people remember to ...

Can313 you get pregant when you are on the pill and he dose't use a

The answer is yes, but it is a VERY slim chance. I wouldn't be concerned as long as you are taking the pills regularly and as described. If you miss even one dose, you have minimized your protection. Best of Luck to You:)