How is Ichthyosis diognosed in preemies?

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Answered: Low Birth Weight Babies

isb63, I was. Weight: 3 1/2 pds. Why are you curious?

Answered: Symbols

Yes. The ribbon/symbol for premature birth, infant loss, stillbirth is a ribbon that is half pink and half blue. This was created by the March of Dimes.

Answered: Twins daugthers (preemies)

I was told of a lady that monthly money from some place for the brith of her preemies [twins] until age of three.But i have no more info, wanted to know if true.I have twin preemies great grands.

Answered: Whats the chances of having another premature baby?

That would depend on the reason your first child was born prematurely. My daughter was a few weeks premature because I had pre-eclampsia so with this pregnancy I am watching my diet and trying to keep my blood pressure under control.

Answered: My mother in law gave my 35 week old preemie twins ...

Hi Aimee, I don't think that the basil tea has anything to do with your children's weight. I think the fact that they are preemies does. This is a question that I believe has to be answered by a doctor or a professional. I'm sure that you have already tried to ask, so maybe you need to look for ...
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Dr doubt....please read

I agree with what Betty said, gave her 2 thumbs up. You need to go back to your doctor and tell him the findings of the other doctor. Tell him you just want to be sure. Your original doctor may be right because he has the previous ultrasound results and he would have noticed the gain in certain ...

Attn: Older Mom need advice

You may want to contact an Early Intervention Program. If your Daughter is behind in 3 or more things, a therapist/teacher will come to your home and work with your daughter on a weekly or monthly basis. It is a great program and can really help. Call your family doctor, they should be able to tell ...