how is earth and mercury alike?

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Answered: How old is the earth

A little over 6,000 years!

Answered: What is your opinion on Earth Hour?

Sure it saved energy, but I can bet the ones who profit cannot be pleased with it...There is Allways a negitive and positive way of all situations...I can see them all...

Answered: How are Mercury and Jupiter alike?

Hodag has a point. Mercury, the innermost planet, is small, rocky, and has no appreciable atmosphere. Its day is far longer than its year, has no known satellites, and is by far the least habitable place in the solar system. Jupiter, the largest ...

Answered: Where on Earth would you like to visit?

Caribbean region specifically Montego Bay Golf Vacations in Jamaica

Answered: What is inside the earth?

Basically there are 4 layers of Earth: Crust Mantle Outer Core Inner Core

Answered: Candy Thermonitor Mercury

Thank you for your response. I did call poison control and was informed candy thermonitors have an alcohol base and it is not of cocern. It is the silver mercury which would be the problem.
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