How is Denez Prigent remembered today?

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Answered: Dr hoodoo is indeed a true spell caster contact him today via hoodoo

If this Dr. Hoodoodoodoo is such a great spell caster, why isn't he off enjoying the fruits of his spells instead of advertising in a place like this?

Answered: How is Lewis Stone remembered today?

He's remembered as a real Stoner!

Answered: What are some of the greatest allegories you know today?

The Thomas Covenant series by Donaldson, The Ring Trilogy by Tolkein, and Animal Farm come to mind. There are many. What is your favorite donut?

Answered: Account cancelled????

Because your question had a reply, AOL probably ignored you. They do not monitor AOL Answers for questions that did not get a good answer. They do occasionally try to answer questions about AOL. If you were asking about AOL I would say to check Help, Manage My Account.

Answered: How were Muppets in 1969 different from the Muppets today?

But The ones back then were Elmo still is.
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