How is data as well as tactical and strategic information used in the criminal justice system?

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Answered: Controversies reguarding the use of DNA in misdemeanor or felony cases in

The guilty don't like it, the law likes it. Makes a strong case to who did it.

Answered: Unknown person's calendar data appearing on my AOL calendar

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Answered: Criminal justice question.......

Criminal Justice careers are fast growing career nowadays. After criminal justice degrees you can get a variety of jobs like- private investigator, security officer, and immigration agent, Forensic Anthropology, Homeland security, Crime Scene technician, Economic Crime Investigation and many ...

Answered: What is the difference between tactical and strategic sales goal?

Strategic sales goals are long term goals that go for about a year or so. Tactical goals are shorter sales goals that are achieved in 2 to 3 months. How to set them effectively? See this

Answered: Difference between tactical and strategic weapons

Aliacax says: In practice, strategical weapons have not been every effective. The US had no help from its vast strategic nuclear weapons arsenal at all in recent wars, like the Vietnam war, or in Afghanistan, or in Iraq. It is a very good thing that we have Classified Information. That way, we do ...

Answered: How has the U.S. Constitution influenced the american criminal justice

The Constitution is the framework for our civil laws. When there is a legal challenge to a particular law, such as the legality of slavery, it's up to the Judicial branch of Government to determine if it is Constitutional, or if there is nothing specific in the Constitution regarding a law such as ...
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