How is chuck barksdale of the mighty dells?

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Answered: I have always admired how fit Chuck Norris keeps his body. Are there any

Thank you Tyler, I will check out U Tube right now. Carol Willett

Answered: dell 1235CN laser printer what photo paper to use?

Nearly any kaolin coated stock will work as your photo paper. Consult your word processor as to photograde work and select the size of paper you have loaded. It comes in all sizes up to 8-1/2 X 14, but the heavier paper used in photo reproduction will hold up much longer than un-coated paper.

Answered: Dell hibernate

Go to control panel, select power options or on some it is performance options. select when to turn off computer. It should be in there.

Answered: Dell Speakers

It's pretty unusual for speakers to break altogether; can you describe what has happened to them? It might be a loose connection or a settings change on your computer that is preventing them from being heard. Dell equipment is usually pretty good, but Sony make better PC speakers in my opinion.
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