how is chong from pitbulls and parolees doing?

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Answered: What is the lifespan of a pitbull

How do you make your pitbull fatter? My dog just had puppies and shes really skinny but very active and everything. She eats a bowl a day.

Answered: Pitbull insurance

Geraldine, If I were you, I would not have accepted a tenant who owns Pitbulls. You just don't know what they would do to you and the other tenants.

Answered: Can any1 own a pitbull renting from housing urban development?

Heres a site concerning your question... Pet Policy Hope this will help. Blessings, Veronica

Answered: How can I check the status of a Texas parolee?

Answered: 6 month old pitbull

I agree with Joey, take him to the vet! When my dog gets stomach problems I feed him cooked white rice, it works every time!

Answered: My dog

depends on bloodline.. i seen pitbulls and had them as heavy as 130 lbs
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Boarding a very gentel pitbull dog

You can try your local PetSmart Pet Hotel (Folsom, 2375 Iron Point Road, 916-986-9151, Ext. 6) or even see if Cesar Millan (of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan) has room to board your dog at his Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles. Best of luck.

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Melissa Feyedelem was the mother of the family in that same episode who was adopting their second dog.

What foods can't pitbull puppies eat

You can feed a dog just about anything, but make sure it does not have any spices in any of it. We cooked for our pet for 16 years, at the same time I cooked for us, but cooked hers first with no spices what so ever,but be sure not to give them raw meat...The ensimes in uncooked meat of any kind ...