How is aerodynamics utilized outside aviation?

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Answered: I have a utility table from your grandfather's ...

If you found a post by R. Girard about his grandfather's company, you should click on his name and try sending a private message.

Answered: tranning offer by aviation industry for MBA aviation student.

Your Master's Degree in Business Administration will go a long way in major airlines, aviation marketing, and manufacturing. There is no reason not to pursue a career in aviation. Also, your MBA will put you into the military service as a Commissioned Officer. You may also wish to look into ...

Answered: Aviation Clubs

Oooooohhh -- you have to watch out for those military guys. They have such an attitude! Those Marines -- with their Toys for Tots campaign! And their tendency to break the back of terrorist organizations. And travel around the world at government expense. And in-service education that will put ...

Answered: Who sells single seat electric utility vehicle in the US?

Electric Scooters Reviews - Similar You +1'd this publicly. Undo electric scooters for electric scooters racing, electric powered scooters, electric scooters teams, electric scooters riding.

Answered: What are aviators?

The main difference between Pilots and Naval Aviators is that NA's must takeoff and land on the pitching decks of aircraft carriers. One will take Pilot training to be certified to operate from land, and then one may be certified for the far more demanding environment of an aircraft carrier.

Answered: Allow me to speak as an aviator. Until a ...

Chaplain, that is unacceptable, even for Muslim radicals. Shooting down an unarmed C-130? Where there casualties? Where did it happen? Did you have to wait for rescue or close air support? Of all the people I would not expect to get popped it has to be a preacher flying a load of groceries ...
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