how important is technology in education? What technology-related skills can you contribute to a school district?

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Answered: Is the Orleans Parish School System the "WORST" performing Public School

Anytime a leftist gets a word in edgewise, they will use it to apply selective hate, which makes them ideal patsies for the KKK. What could be more obvious than leftists, Democrats, and the Klan? Well, let's also remember their sob sisters, the Black Panthers, but since NONE is important, then let ...

Answered: What is the WORST Performing Public School System in America?

Alas, deranged racist, you have sought to fail and have done so. What good will you do by spreading racism such as that preached by the Ku Klux Klan, Black Panthers, and other prison gangs? I suppose that if we looked for the worst school in America it would have to be your alma mater.

Answered: Oregon aclu --- is our school district infringing ...

If it is a public street, you as a resident do not have the right to tell anyone not to use it. You can perhaps ask if the city will pave the street, which would cut down the dust. Or you could ask if the city would put a lower speed limit, which might reduce the dust. Or you can move.

Answered: Should children be exposed to technology at all? Many schools have

That's right. Who knows when one of those little rugrats will make a atom bomb and blow up the school bully. Let them have sling shots so the bullies will have a chance. Uncle Frank

Answered: Pequea Valley School District Educational Technology Plan

Try contacting the school directly to ask them for the information.

Answered: What is the "MOST" dangerous Public School System in America?

It would be any that tolerate atheism and the genocidal rage all atheists preach. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
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As to the question on whether parents and school boards have the right to request a particular curriculum. Sure they do. I would vote against those two things from being taught in my local school though.

How do I refuse an IEP? My kid is going to ...

If your child needs an IEP, don't refuse it. Begin the IEP and participate in the process. You will be part of the IEP Team and will have a say in your child's education. An IEP does NOT mean the child must be in special classes. Many times they are in the same classes as all the other kids. But ...

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There are several websites that offer accredited high school diploma. However among the most suitable website in my opinion is Adison High School.

How important is technology in education

Agree with all the above answers nothing more to say on this now. Study in UK | Study Agent