how i built an electricity producing wind turbine?

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Answered: How efficient are wind turbines in generating ...

hello there.. You may have gotten the info you needed prior to this reply, but Ive done a bit of research on solar & wind recently.. usually there will be a voltage regulator (sometimes included w/ a power inverter) which limits the output from exceeding its maximum output. The wind systems were ...

Answered: How many megawatts of energy are produced by wind ...

The United States had 21,000 MW of wind energy capacity at the end of 2008. A total of 8,538 MW were added in 2008 also. At the end of March 2008 the United States wind power capacity was 18,302 MW, which is enough to serve 4.9 million average households.

Answered: What is the nacelle of a wind turbine

Wind turbine nacelle refers to the structure that houses all of the generating components, drive train and gearbox, I think my previous wind energy class thought me a lot of things about it LOL!!

Answered: How fast does a home wind turbine require wind to ...

It is all mathematical, and depends on many factors such as height, temp, design. Try clicking on "wind turbines" and take it from there. I hope this helps. It certainly is a massive undertaking. Good luck.
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I live on lake with 2.5 acres lots of wind what would it cost to run

Hello, I am Frederick from EnergieVair . To give you a well explained estimation, we would need more information about your project. For example, what is the size of the cable you want to use? If you want to use standar AWG#10 house electric cable, it will cost you about 150$ for your electric ...

What is one disadvantage of using wind energy rather than burning

The wind doesn't provide a constant energy source. Wind operated generators only produce electricity when the wind is blowing. Further, there are large areas where useful wind velocity is too intermittent to operate a generator often enough to be cost effective.

Produce electricity peddling.

I suggest you visit this site , I surely hope this helps

How does power get from a wind turbine to the house?

The blades turn and create a pumping action, like a car piston. This up and down creates current and at the base of the blade is a converter. This current is pushed into a local substation. The substation moves the current through the lines and eventually to a house. Now, there are two issues ...