how high should an exterior door threshold be?

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Answered: I have double exterior doors, newly painted ...

Most door manufacturers have a small patch the fits in the bottom corners. This help seal the door and acts as a break to stop moisture from entering the building.

Answered: I'm a 61 year old woman with no mechanical knowledge. The driver's

You can go to a local auto body shop and ask them to order the door handle for you, notify you when it comes and have them change it. Expect to pay about $40-50 to have it replaced. I don't know how much the door handle itself is. You can also have the dealership order and install it for you but car ...

Answered: What is the cost to have a 6/8 door installed and transom and

Prices will vary based on your area the age and construction of the home and the contractor you hire. Just make sure to check references if you hire someone.

Answered: How to seal an interior door for exterior use?

You could probably do that by giving the door a couple of coats of marine grade epoxy paint. You could probably replace the door for less than the cost of the epoxy, however. You should also consider the fact that interior doors are much lighter in weight, therefore built from light weight ...
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I would go with red or green or a natural wood finish. A veneer would do well.

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If you want a quality one, I suggest you to read and choose a custom made garage door. Choose the color, material, size.. I did this and I love my door.

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There are already some good suggestions listed here. For additional door protection in the event of a true flood, there is a product called the door dam that actually prevents water from entering the door. These dams are quite pricey however so I would try the additional weather stripping and the ...