How heavy is an accordion?

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Answered: Serenate accordion, i found a accordion in a shed ...

Try here:!ORDERID!/xxx/appraiser.html

Answered: Does the devil REALLY use accordions to torment the damned?

Oh dear God, don't make me correct second grade English papers! The sheer abundance of cliche' is too disgusting to tolerate! Of course, atheists get to correct them for all eternity! They deserve it!

Answered: where to rent an accordion in Dallas

The closest place that I can think of that might rent accordians would be Ken Stanton Music on Hwy 120 accross from The Avenues. We have purchased lesson books from them and when our kids get older I am sure we will be renting instruments from them as well.

Answered: Why all the noise from ACCORDIONS lately?

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Eubechia, King Ethelred the Tacky decided that there had to be a way to get rid of all the vermin in the kingdom. It would have to be within budget and their ability to tolerate misery so the court jester invented the Accordion. Surely, that would free the ...

Answered: How heavy is paper money

A US hundred dollar bill weighs approximately 1 gram, same as the one dollar bill. So a million dollars weighs about 22 pounds, and will fit in a suitcase. They might vary in weight if they have been tested with a special pen for security, or if they have been written on, or just picked up dirt ...
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The Geneva Convention limits interrogation to more humane methods than the abuse of accordions. However, placing it where only a proctologist is competent to remove it seems fair and equitable. As to the use of accordions, bagpipes, and ocarinas as tactical weapons: The Hague makes a distinction ...

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