how heat resistant is plexiglass?

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Answered: There is no heat in my apartment where i have to complain

To Landlord first. When that fails contact local housing authorities.

Answered: Will a wall mounted gas furnace heat an apartment

It depends on the size of apartment. Instead of Furnace you can buy home heating radiators. these are perfect for home use as well as commercial too.

Answered: Tinted 36" plexiglass replacement boat windshield

You should be able to get tinted plexi from any one in the windsheild business. However I would reccomend marguard for replacement. The latter is a bit more expensive but it will out last plexi 3-1. It also does not scratch as easily. Both of these should be available from any glass dealer. Hope ...

Answered: Free heat

I would say to consult a local heating contractor. I live in North Carolina and I always consult my Cary heating contractor for any energy saving ideas I have.

Answered: What's the best way to attach a sheet of plexiglass (19-1/2" x 20") to

I would use four chrome-plated screws at each corner for attaching.

Answered: American standard heating @air compared to rheem heating @air

for the last few years rheem has been the top name as far as reliability goes. i find that the american standard has had many problems with thier blower motors if they are the d/c variable speed. the a/c motoers have not had the same trouble. this also goes for many of the other brands. i service ...
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We have an all electric house with radient heating ...

yes! you can save on utilities by adding programmable thermostats. you do need to find out the voltage for the existing thermostats and replace with the same voltage. many electric heating systems use line voltage stats, 120/240 volts and most residential thermostats are made for 24 volts. if you ...

How do you identify aspirin resistance

Here are two web sites that answer your question.

Heat Pump Heat Load Formula

a hall has five 40 w flour scent tubes and 10 incant lamps of 100w.what is cooling load of light(when clf is 1)

Standard heating and air compared to rheem heating and air

What are you calling 'standard' - Rheem is just one maker of standard air and heat systems ? (- it just occurred to me that you may be referring to American Standard Heaters. - In my opinion they are very comparable to Rheem - no better, no worse . ) ( It's MUCH more helpful if you use the FULL ...