How has NCLB (general education and special education reform) affected the relationship between parents and teachers?

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Answered: US Navy race relations education specialists I am ...

Anyone on AOL Answers who does not demand absolute racist hate will terrify Tadpole. Too bad that evil bigots only side with evil bigots and oppose decent persons to the point of violent crime. That's Tadpole.

Answered: Should Parents Decide on Teachers' Bonus?

No. I wouldn't want my pay check left to others. Many don't know whats involved and what it's worth.

Answered: Special Education and the Full-Inclusion Debacle!

Rocmike aka Southern aka anonymous aka Mark Traina yours are not the thoughts of a sane person. How many aliases do you need to repeat the same crap over and over? You are too stupid to understand all of your aliases post the same and use the same words. Muslim, leftist, drunkard, Atheist. cross ...

Answered: What is the best way to find a special education teacher's aid job in

1. The best way is to fill out the application, then email the prinicipal and admin. prinicipal with your resume. 2. Become a sub with the district you want to teach, which will gave you the chance to get in the door. Good Luck

Answered: Is there a time limit on how long a special ed ...

show him if there is any shortcuts and asked them to travel across there

Answered: No more teachers!

Because the government, republicans and Democrats both, feel schools and education aren't as important as big businesses making huge profite so they're cutting support from schools right and left. Plus, teachers, who have one of the most important jobs in the world, have never been appreciated or ...
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Contact the child's special education teacher and ask for any forms you might need. If you do not get what you ask for within 2 weeks, then contact the principal for that building. If you still do not get results contact the Superintendt for your district. You may also contact your state's ...

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Anymore, it is probably inevitable if only to protect the teachers. Police routinely dispute allegations of sexual abuse by means of direct evidentiary link from their patrol cars to the department. Allegations of sexual misconduct have become so common and so financially profitable that teachers ...

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