how good Philosophy and Literature is?

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Answered: One has more than One! Could you illustrate?

How about all for one and one for all

Answered: Is it a sad fact that life is about your degree of ...

Steve, your reasoning is quite faulty. Please come back AFTER you have learned critical thought. Then, you will be much less boring, because you are no longer an atheist.

Answered: What if you met your future self (read description)?

I would have no real issues. Tadpole would be beside herself with guilt, recrimination, and self-loathing. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: Who are the judges for Pulitzer Prize for Literature?

What is the most prestigious literary prize in America? It is the Pulitzer, created in 1904 by Joseph Pulitzer, scion and newspaper publisher, and consists today of a $5000 award granted in 21 different categories, including journalism and literature. The subjective term “distinguished” is ...

Answered: Literature review on Hazing

Hazing has been a concern since the time of the Greek philosophers, and continues to be a concern in modern colleges and universities, with most of the attention on the initiation rites of Greek letter organizations (Nuwer, 1999). In order to consider hazing in the modern academy, it is necessary ...
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Yup I agree, I already try to drop the site of wambambooks, pretty good erotic literature.

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Frida and Nietzsche

Would it matter? Nietzsche was a leftist so his work is worthless.