how good Philosophy and Literature is?

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Answered: Philosophy and Literature

Why not just write to the publication and ask them instead of wasting your time here?

Answered: What is the most stark contrast that differs eastern philosophy and it's

Radical, Contrarian has no insight into Philosophy whatsoever. For example, he fails to "justify" his contention logically. Obviously, RC is unqualified to speak on philosophy, because he understands nothing about it.

Answered: Arthur Schopenhauer Ended Philosophy! Why was he ...

If Shopenhauer thought that way, then pardon me that I am ashamed of being German. Most Germans think more rationally than that, not that I am a philosopher. Mel Brooks was a stand-up philosopher in "History of the world, part 1." "Oh! A BS-er! Did you BS today........?"

Answered: Literature forms

The two main genres of literature are fiction and nonfiction. Some of the sub genres include narrative nonfiction, essays, biography's, autobiography's, speech, poetry, fantasy, humor, fable, fairy tales, science fiction, short story, folklore, historical fiction, horror, tall tale, legend ...

Answered: Philosophy what are the diferences between the arguments of ontological

Ontological, teleological, and cosmological proofs of God are well established throughout academia. There are over a million conclusive Ontological proofs that mathematically settle God's existence. All are remarkably different in their approach yet all arrive at the same unanswerable conclusion ...

Answered: Use Socratic Philosophy to analyze domestic violence

Tadpoles narrow minded existence only formalized racist bitterness. Tadpole and leftists belong to a phony cult. Tadpole should lose that Muslim hate mongering. Tadpole and leftists hate for America made them elect that black drunken Muslim from Kenya with their tombstone vote. The south will rise ...
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Rock, you are still as cuddly as a roll of barbed wire. Maybe that one woman deserved not to go to work in your laboratory but we aren't all like that.

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There are times when it is good that life is not campy. There is freezing rain outside and the temperature is falling. I am sitting in my warm apartment subtly trying to irritate those who irritate me. I am thankful that I am not on maneuvers at Camp JeLoon.

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Steve, you are a leftist so your very best option is to report back to the mental hospital that released you prematurely, stay the course of treatment this time, and cease leftist liberal hatemonger fascism regardless that all leftist liberals are absolutely required to be surly evil natured ...

Druggie philosophy

Eastern philosophy has more to do with living in an unacceptable situation than discovery of useful fact. Western philosophy is more solution oriented and pragmatic. Raising both to their optimum brings a whole new clarity to thought. We also discard invalid or unsound arguments and investigate ...