how good is a silver hopson flute?

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Answered: What is America's first silver dollar dated 1788 worth

No such coin... The first silver dollars - and the first silver half dollars - were delivered on the same day, October 15, 1794. Chief coiner Henry Voigt was responsible for 5,300 ... and its worth at least $37,500 and as high as $650,000 depending on the condiction of the coin.

Answered: Flute smell...

No, dear. I am not mad or annoyed at you and I doubt anyone else is, either. I merely thought you could use a tip on how to prevent worrying about an answer you gave. We've all typed something and submitted it, only to rethink it later. That's why the 'Edit' button exists.

Answered: Is flute it silver or plated ?

yes it is solid, but the silver flute can have an accuracy and deficiency in tone quality

Answered: Native American Flute making

Try this google search ""books"+"making native american flutes"" or the results: Also try crazy crow trading post which has: Books- http://www.crazycrow ...

Answered: Silver coin company

Silver Coin is the name of a . . . well . . . you know the sort of place where you never tell your wife you have ever been (and she will never admit she used to work there) outside of Sparks, Nevada. There are fifteen of these "places" inside of a mile. SOmehow they manage to part tons of silver ...

Answered: What is the date in August for the seminar on trusts, wills, etc. at the

The Holiday Inn Senior Center probably has several dates every month for seminars on wills and trusts, but presented by different companies or law firms. If you wrote down the location, you should have written down the date and time. There could even be two at the same time. You need to know ...
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Silver coin with a capital H on it and a design through the H NOTHING

I would say it is likely, if it has no date or country of origin, that it is a token of some type and not an actual coin.

Is this silver or plate

All International silver products are bi-metal or plated.

Is it true that someone can be allergic to sterling silver jewelry?

Yes many people are allergic to sterling silver

How to get silver refine at the best rate?

I have been sending silver andgold coins and jewelry out for refining for a couple years now Mark and have found United Precious metals in alden N.Y. to be the fastest and also pay more than the others. Just do a search on the net. You can ship to them or drop it off very fast and friendly